An Attorney You Can Count On

I am attorney Daniel Quinn Mahone of the Law Office of Daniel Q. Mahone. My Frederick, Maryland, law office represents individuals in many types of family law, criminal defense and juvenile defense cases. I am an aggressive fighter and fierce advocate, and I have the experience and determination to help you succeed, no matter what.

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What Sets My Practice Apart

I have dedicated my practice to helping all individuals get the representation they deserve. In every situation, I bring these qualities to the table:

  • The best results, no matter what. I have 30 years of experience and successful cases to attest to my ability to help you get what you need. I know how to help you and will always act in your best interests and in pursuit of your goals.
  • A winning mindset. I zealously represent each of my clients, no matter what. Everyone deserves a competent lawyer. I will make sure we are always on the road to success and re-evaluate our course of action with every new development.
  • Slow and steady. I handle every case that comes through my door myself. You can expect personal attention and personalized service at every step.
  • Litigation is no obstacle. I am no stranger to trial, and I am not afraid to take your case to court if that is required. You are entitled to every opportunity to get what you deserve, and litigation should not be an obstacle. I will fight for you in every arena.
  • Accessibility, always. I am here to answer your questions and make you feel at ease and comfortable. You can contact me at any time for updates and I am always ready to answer any question.

Combine these factors with my knowledge of the law and dedication to my clients, and you can be certain that I have what it takes to represent you successfully.

Get In Touch

Whether you are facing divorce, child custody issues or domestic violence or you have been accused of theft, assault or DUI/DWI, I am ready to represent you. Contact me at the Law Office of Daniel Q. Mahone today by calling 301-228-0750. You can also send an email.

I represent clients throughout Maryland.